Zip Ties & SSRIs

from by Dinosawh

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| Em | G || x4; | C | Cm | //INTRO/INTERLUDE
| G | Em | Cm | G || x4 //VERSE

I been kept on two tight leashes, one in my brain, one held by leeches
and a choke collar constructed out of chain-linked circumstances
wound tightly around my neck, loose enough so I can clearly see
my personality's being made up by someone other than me, these

Imagined communities; cultural norms’ silent suppress
and imaginary mass gravitating empty concepts of success
putting all of us in our place, we mistake our chains for happiness;
swallow more pills, eat up, get dressed, buy once again into this mess

This game's been fixed, been from the start; you audition for your favorite part,
but you're never gonna get just what you want if you haul around that bleeding heart
It's dog eat dog, better get your fill, 'cos if you won't another will;
grab all you can, give out no gifts, keep running, don't look back until

Misanthropy is closing in--sedate it, don't frustrate it, just
lie to yourself: you always treat your neighbor with kindness and with trust;
Life's an absurdity, free will's no solace, bite the bullet so you have less problems,
strap right on those puppet strings, turn off the switch, give into them


from The Origin of Birds, released June 6, 2014




Dinosawh Washington D.C., D.C.

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