Cure for Cancer

from by Dinosawh

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| G | G+ | Em | G+ || x4 //INTRO
INTRO x2, replace G+ with G7 on last time //VERSE
| C | Cm || //CHORUS

This counterculture's counting sheep
content, we count along; italicize the z's but
the breeze that carried it has waned
stuck out at sea, ship sinking, oars stolen by charade campaigns
(and don't expect to get them back)

Treating people like they're dumb, manipulating them for fun, under that rhetoric they're scammers and they're scum and I can't take this anymore

I'd run away, forget the things I fled
and live alone inside my head
but this status quo has got to end

This fraud they call democracy
enriches psychopaths, commends conspiracy
those pigs in suits act out the common's tragedy
while they sit at their thrones, speech never will be free
(they're laughing while we lie in wait)

Until dissent isn't a brand but common discourse and demand, we need a plan, not these red herring ropes of sand 'cos I can't take this anymore

I'd run away, forget the things I fled
and solipsize away instead
but there's still some hope left to defend

This insincerity's a cancer,
ground down, we're growing up
mistaking apathy for answers
to questions we don't ask enough

Enough's enough, we're getting too old for this stuff
the bricks that make this wall are tough,
but if we break them down maybe we'll rise up.


from The Origin of Birds, released June 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Dinosawh Washington D.C., D.C.

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